Peace : in a Nutshell

* For centuries understanding of peace has been incomplete and approaches to peace have been piece-meal.

* For many, peace is the absence of war and of physical violence.

* But there is a violence that is often silent and indirect, and needs to be addressed in the interest of meaningful […]

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Disputation over the South China Sea

Addressing Turbulence in our Times

In these turbulent times of ours we are faced with two choices

1. We could opt for greater turbulence, perhaps unwittingly,or

2. Seek to minimise it.

We can misread the motives of other nations when they act in their national interests, […]

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Peace, Realpolitik and Learning from Isaiah

With  God-given foresight, Isaiah foreshadows Christ as the Servant of the Lord, the way of love, the way of peace and the way to peace; inspiration echoed by St. Paul’s as in his letter to the Philippians. In both, it is made indisputably clear that the Christic path taught and lived by Jesus […]

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