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Catholic for Life - No. 1 Introducing These Pages

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No. 1 Introducing These Pages

This page, and others on similar lines, are due to appear here in the weeks ahead. They have initially been prepared for interested members of the Cathedral Parish of Sts. Mary & Joseph, in Armidale, New South Wales, where they are brought out periodically. They are expected to be about aspects of our Catholic faith, arranged semi-sequentially, presented briefly, simply, coherently, in lay terms, and in large print on two sides of a sheet of A4 sized paper.

For most Catholics they may probably seem to contain little that is new. However, it is hoped that you will find in the prayers they carry, the questions they ask, and the issues discussed, something that will cleanse the air, reinforce belief, and cheer you on your journey of life. You may wish to think about, and build upon aspects of what is written here, and then perhaps to pass these pages on to someone else, whether Catholic or not.
Please say a prayer that these humble efforts will bear fruit for the greater glory of God.

Are Catholics Crazy?
According to many voices around us, Catholics who take their faith seriously and strive to live accordingly, are naive and deluded. They accuse Catholics of making staggering claims of faith, and of upholding moral values which the ‘world’ has either thrown overboard or is in the process of doing so. To many, the Catholic Church is an anachronism, out of touch today, and stands in the way of human freedom and progress, and should be shown up as such. Many are taken in by this sort of talk, and drift away from faith, both in God and in the Church.
If this is the way we who call ourselves Catholic are regarded, we should say “Alleluia!” For indeed, we are ‘fools for Christ’s sake’ (1Cor. 4:10) or at least should be: ‘crazy’, not only about life in this world, but also in the next, and even more, about truth and the love of the Lord, our God. For we believe with St. Paul, that ‘God has chosen to save us through the folly of the gospel’ (1 Cor.1:20).

Food for Thought : Truth
We like to believe that we are concerned about truth. If so, we may say to ourselves, “What is truth?” Pontius Pilate asked Jesus this very question but he did not wait for an answer. Yes. It is not an easy one. Many put it into the ‘too hard basket’. What do you have to say about truth yourself? Try.

What is Truth?
Is truth to be equated only with fact?
Is it an assemblage of observed or computed facts?
Is it scientific observation, mathematical calculation and hypothesis?
Is it found in a high level of statistical probability?
Is it attainable through philosophical argument and deduction?
Is truth what the prevailing culture decides?
Is it my best guess?
Is it my assertion?
Is what we refer to as truth only a fragment of the whole truth?
Are there many levels and types of truth?
Does truth keep changing?
Does truth really matter?
Are there some truths that need to be revealed to us?
Revealed by whom?
Once we have reached what we think is truth what do we do about it?
Rather confusing, isn’t it?

Christ, our Truth
For the Catholic, is not truth in its fullest and richest a Person, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the One Who Is, the One who lived and still lives among us, Jesus the Christ. For the Catholic, are not Christ and life in Christ our calling and our wonderful quest? To discover this Truth one does not have to be a scholar, a scientist, a lawyer or a philosopher, but have a heart and mind attentive to the Lord God, and the openness of a child.
If we are truly interested in truth, do we not have to engage in a closer walk with the Lord? On this lifelong adventure no restrictions can be imposed.

O Eternal God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the beginning and the end of all things; in Whom we live and move and have our being; prostrate before You in heart and soul, I worship You.
What return can I make to You, O God, for all that You are and have done for me? Grant that I may adore You, love You, give You thanks and serve You all the days of my life.
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and let all that is within me bless Your Holy Name. Amen.

Peace requires wisdom and continual conversion, a dying to self.