Christic Peace

Academic Background

Academic Background

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Education: St.Peter’s College, Colombo.
University of Ceylon, BA.Hons. Geography,1952)
Master of Arts (Geography) University of London 1964)
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sussex 1971)
Assistant Assessor of Income Tax, Colombo
Lecturer in charge of Geography, Aquinas University College, Colombo, 1954-1971
Teacher in Catholic Secondary Schools, Brighton, Sussex, 1961 -1965
Lecturer in Geography, University of Singapore, 1965 – 1971.
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Geography, University of New England, Armidale, NSW

Selection of my publications and topics of my Master’s and Doctoral theses..

“Eustatic changes of sea level in South West Ceylon”, [M.A. in Geography, University of London, 1964.]
“A quantitative analysis of the residual landforms of a humid tropical rainforest area, Johor, Malaya”, D.Phil. University of Sussex, 1971.

On Geography

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Coasts & Beaches

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On the Study of Peace

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Peace & Religion

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ISBN 0 9587368 0 4 (A second edition of this book was published in Sri Lanka by the Centre for Society and Religion, Colombo, in early August,1999.)
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Religion: General

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Sri Lanka

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Initiated the University of New England’s Peace Studies programme (1983)

Peace requires wisdom and continual conversion, a dying to self.