Geography In The 80’s

May Geography continue Fish, Flesh and Fowl: hybrid, cosmopolitan; A garden where a thousand flowers bloom: Yet seeking through its offerings To be holistic : Integrating facts, ideas, Retaining, learning to revere It’s generalist educative function, And so promote Intellectual and spiritual growth For maturity and for fuller life. May Geography serve society and environment; Fact-finding, reporting; A down-to-earth, guts subject; Then go beyond, In attempts at analysing Human and environmental problems And proferring approaches to their solution. Pre-occupation should not merely be With visible structures. To be holistic There is need to pay attention To matters kept taboo: To values positive and negative, That men live by, lie by, die by. I see need for courses: planning, conservation, hazard studies; Holistic, experiential understanding of the local area, And societies fat, lean, purple, pink, And what creates imbalance, tension, fear and greed. May Geography re-discover self-respect, And in a world of specialisms Grow as bridge and nexus, Hindu, catholic, Embracing, unifying, empathising. For, in such calling Scorned by many, Lies a means For truer understanding Of the scope and problems Of our time: The wonder of this planet earth And the oft-forgotten beauty Of mankind.